To meet the needs of JARDILAND The Bert Group and LOG’S have formed a collaboration

 Press Release       05.04.2016

To meet the needs of JARDILAND The Bert Group and LOG’S have formed a collaboration

The BERT Group and LOG’S are happy to announce a new partnership with JARDILAND.

Starting in July 2016, the two logistics companies will be managing logistics operations for JARDILAND from the LOG’S European Campus at Lesquin.

JARDILAND is putting their trust in this partnership of specialists:

The Bert Group specialises in the organisation of transport and oversees distribution through its ASTRE network, and LOG’S specialises in upstream modal transfer and the management of logistics for the large DIY chain and bulk transport.

The Bert Group and LOG’S will eventually deploy the LOG’S Link@pilot Transport System.

The proposals put forward by the Bert Group and LOG’S partnership meet all expectations in terms of support, flexibility and seasonality for JARDILAND. 

For Laurent Beauvoir, the Development Director at LOG’S, “This partnership is the result of a deep conviction of the benefits and the need for French transport companies to work in partnership to enable family businesses to combine their strengths and to meet the expectations and requirements of their customers.”

For Roger Rodriguez, Commercial Director and shareholder of the Bert Group: “Our strength is that we are audacious, this enables us to be different and therefore innovative. We have done this both with our partnership and with the offer we presented.

For Olivier Magnat, Supply Chain  Director for  JARDILAND:  the qualities of our 2 providers will enable Jardiland to improve its supply chain offer both for its franchised stores and its own stores. 

For Bruno Récipon, a member of the management board in charge of administration and logistics, the skills of LOG’S and of the BERT Group will enable the JARDILAND Group to make big leaps in the quality of its services and its ability to respond to the new needs of its franchised stores and its own stores.” 

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