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Log'S is a French family-owned group specialising in the provision of logistics solutions. We assist our customers with their projects and provide expertise in a range of services covering a number of sectors. Our staff rely on the latest technological innovations to provide custom solutions and to respond to the demands and expectations of our customers on a daily basis.

At Log'S we apply the same values with all our customers: care, responsiveness and availability.
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Key figures* for Log'S

248 TURNOVER in millions of Euros
3000 employees

5600 tonnes of CO2 saved

*Key figures

Log'S presence

Strategic development

Log'S, located at the crossroads of Europe, operates in the Northern region, a strategic geographical location with access to the ports on the northern coast.

the group's main growth has taken place in the Rhone corridor, the Paris region and the Great West.

Lille Métropole (8), Valenciennes Métropole (4), Lyon, Bordeaux, Angers, Macon (2), Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (2), Aubagne, Clermont-Ferrand, Béthune, Arras (2), Douai, Dourges, Lauwin-Planque, Cambrai, Maubeuge, Sars-et-Rosières, Réau, Louvres, Tigery, Combs-la-Ville, Fontaine, Ensisheim, Hecken, Burnhaupt.


The history of a logistics provider in full expansion phase


Frank Grimonprez launches his corporate network.

1st site

in Valenciennes Métropole with over 40,000m2 dedicated to e-commerce.


1st in-situ site


Expansion of the group to Northern Lille and the creation of F.L.A.G., which will become the bridgehead for the group's modal transfer operations.

Paris & Maubeuge

Facilities taken over in the Paris region and in Maubeuge.

New site in Lesquin

Construction of a new mechanised site specialising in textiles and covering 15,000 m2. Opening of another textile site close to the airport at Lesquin.


New facilities opened in Arras and Lyon


Opening of a facility dedicated to dry foods


Acquisition of a leading wooden packaging company in the textile sector through the integration of an SME (5 sites).

River transport

Inauguration of our own private port at our base in Anzin and launch of our river transport services.

Development in Paris

Opening of a 25,000m2 hub in the Paris region.

Logistique Grimonprez becomes Log'S

and continues to grow! Opening of a site in Brittany


Opening of two depots for the Linkepilot subsidiary (flow management) and implementation of Reverse Log (returns).


Construction of a textile campus in Leers and a depot specialising in the management of promotional merchandise, as well as one dedicated to childcare products in Lauwin-Planque.


Opening of a european platform specialised in childcare products (55 000 m² extandable to 120 000) in Arras

Opening of a sorting centre in Bordeaux

+ 25% of growth

New e-commerce, textile & automotive activities

Ouverture d'une nouvelle plateforme de 24000 m² au Nord de Paris
Acquisition de Viapost Logistique Connectée

Développement du mailage territorial de Log's

Green logistics

A serious commitment by Log'S

The Log'S group has made the problem of sustainable development one of its top priorities and is moving towards green logistics solutions. The company is dynamically researching and implementing innovative eco-friendly solutions. Aware of the challenges associated with its business, the group is effectively responding to the growing demands of customers to work with companies who reduce their carbon footprints to the greatest extent possible.

Transport over water: the perfect example of an eco-friendly logistics solutionLog'S can offer alternative modes of transport for the management of container traffic. The company's ability to offer river transport using its wide berth branch on the Escaut canal and its dry port facility at the Anzin multi-modal site, as well as its rail connections and proximity to the motorways of northern France, make it the ideal sustainable partner for multi-modal logistics and transport operations.


Log'S expertise

A range of solutions adapted to our customers businesses

In order to keep up with changing markets, Log'S has developed individual business solutions while still offering global cross-channel and related services (traffic management, quality control ...).


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