As an expert in distribution logistics, Log'S can offer solutions to the new problems arising in this sector.

Distribution logistics

Backed up by high-performance computerised solutions including voice picking (preparation of orders using voice recognition systems), Log'S uses on-board computers and EDI interfacing to meet its customers requirements, as well as a series of dedicated retail resources :

Log'S can adapt to seasonal demand and can offer a high level of flexibility.

Log'S expertise in the distribution logistics chain

Log'S can handle all of its customers storage and distribution requirements. The group can handle all constraints, formats and life cycles associated with a wide range of products, such as:

Our depots can handle all types of products (bulky and non-bulky, wholesale management, racks, mechanised handling).

The Log'S commitment to Supply Chain Management

Ongoing quality and oversight support services

Optimal Supply Chain tracking: access to online KPIs*, monitoring of continuous progress plans.
**Key performance indicators

Support provided for all projects

A wide range of expertise enabling Log'S to act as your single contact point for all distribution projects.

Technological support

Implementation of high-performance technological solutions in the provision of high quality support: voice picking, radio frequency, Web technology.

Eco-friendly support

The Log'S group is committed to: overseeing modal transfer traffic, the use of eco-friendly construction materials and low-energy lighting...

Customised packaging services

Given its many years of experience in the distribution sector, Log'S is able to provide intelligent solutions which meet the needs of its many customers. In that they all have different problems, the Group offers a wide range of services for all customer profiles:

Global distribution from France

Log-S serves 46 countries and delivers to over 1600 shops each month from France.