Пресс-релизы и новости о группе Log'S

To meet the needs of JARDILAND The Bert Group and LOG’S have formed a collaboration

Press Release Публиковано  05.04.2016

The BERT Group and LOG’S are happy to announce a new partnership with JARDILAND.

Starting in July 2016, the two logistics companies will be managing logistics operations for JARDILAND from the LOG’S European Campus at Lesquin.

JARDILAND is putting their trust in this partnership of specialists:

The Bert Group specialises in the organisation of transport and oversees distribution through its ASTRE network, and LOG’S specialises in upstream modal transfer and the management of logistics for the large DIY chain and bulk transport.

The Bert Group and LOG’S will eventually deploy the LOG’S Link@pilot Transport System.

The proposals put forward by the Bert Group and LOG’S partnership meet all expectations in terms of support, flexibility and seasonality for JARDILAND. 

For Laurent Beauvoir, the Development Director at LOG’S, “This partnership is the result of a deep conviction of the benefits and the need for French transport companies to work in partnership to enable family businesses to combine their strengths and to meet the expectations and requirements of their customers.”

For Roger Rodriguez, Commercial Director and shareholder of the Bert Group: “Our strength is that we are audacious, this enables us to be different and therefore innovative. We have done this both with our partnership and with the offer we presented.

For Olivier Magnat, Supply Chain  Director for  JARDILAND:  the qualities of our 2 providers will enable Jardiland to improve its supply chain offer both for its franchised stores and its own stores. 

For Bruno Récipon, a member of the management board in charge of administration and logistics, the skills of LOG’S and of the BERT Group will enable the JARDILAND Group to make big leaps in the quality of its services and its ability to respond to the new needs of its franchised stores and its own stores.” 

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​Log'S takes over logistics operations for Chicorée Leroux

Press Release Публиковано  18.02.2016

​Log'S takes over logistics operations for Chicorée Leroux and puts froward a strategic vision for short, medium and long-term growth.

Undergoing an internal reorganisation and with new plans for changes in the future, Chicorée Leroux wanted to outsource its logistics operations to refocus on its core business, the transformation and distribution of products based on chicory. Log’S is a leading logistics provider in the north of France and has been chosen to take over the logistics operations of this family company founded in 1858. Given its expertise and experience in construction engineering, Log’S was able to table new proposals for strategic growth in the short, medium and long terms. 

In the short term, Log’S proposes to outsource the logistics operations while retaining the storage depot and the staff from Chicorée Leroux. As such, on the 19th of November, Log's commenced logistics operations at the Leroux site in Orchies. In the medium and long terms, Log’S will share logistics operations for Chicorée Leroux with other companies from the same sector through the creation of a next-generation logistics campus.

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Review of a great 2015 for Log’S

News Публиковано  04.01.2016

It was a record-breaking year for new contracts and renewals alike, after the start of the textile business with Balsamik.fr and Daxon.fr in January, the group set up a 75,000 m2 logistics campus dedicated to this sector which is now functioning at full capacity with the arrival of a new customer in March and a fourth due to arrive in 2016. 

In spring the Group’s portfolio has included business with Renault for the management of secondary car parts, initially for the Douai factory, and with Orchestra commencing with 42,000 m2 at Lauwin Planque, while awaiting an additional 96,000 m2 in Arras, which will come back on line at the end of 2016. 

During the summer we firmed up two new platforms of 18,000 m2 and 15,000 m2 for Foir’Fouille at Dourges. Following the holidays in September, LOG’S signed a contract with Vente Privée in the Paris region. We also implemented a new agri-food logistics plan for Chicorée Leroux and set up logistics operations for Coroos in France, a major Dutch canning business for private labels.

The latter is handled by a fully automated high-ceiling warehouse. 

“The deployment of “Lean Log’S” and the company’s shared values of Availability, Responsiveness and Customer care enabled us to win the contract and firm up the commercial approach while establishing a good dynamic for the future.” says Nicolas Specq, Director of Sales. Having achieved and consolidated its position as the leading Logistics provider in the north of Paris, Log’S decided to change its vision for the future, which had been to “Support our customers throughout France from the Northern Region”. 

The Log’S plan for 2016-2019 is to extend its presence over the national territory through the implementation of a wide-ranging commercial development plan and to continue with international projects in Africa, Asia and Southern Europe, which will be firmed up during 2016. The Management team is focusing on opportunities for external growth to strengthen the Group’s development in its traditional sectors such as multi-channel and industrials.

“We are aiming to continue our controlled growth targeting a turnover of 100 million Euros by 2019 through the expansion of our geographical coverage and our offering. 2015 was a great year for us and the future looks bright“ says Laurent Beauvoir, Development Director. 

In 2015 the LOG’S Group achieved a turnover in the order of 71 million Euros, for an increase of 12% over 2014, and new business for 2016 already points to an increase of 30%. EBITDA for 2015 was 14 million Euros, an increase of 37%. According to Franck Grimonprez, Chairman of Log’S “our staff will be pursuing our plan for 2014-2019 with confidence and upholding our values“.

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