Support for an industrial leader in the agri-food sector


Industrial group (agri-food)


Agri-food storage near the production plant


Start-up in 2019

Accompany the growth of a world leader in the food industry, constantly seeking innovation in its market and constrained by a production site at maximum logistical capacity.

Customer issues

  • Find an experienced partner close to your production site
  • Meeting HACCP standards and the Group's CSR challenges
  • A site capable of supporting long-term growth
  • Rely on a logistics expert to support the development of new markets


LOG'S Solutions and Customer Benefits

  • Construction of a state-of-the-art Bream Very Good-certified facility, meeting food standards and close to the customer's production site
  • Site surface area of 54,000m² for an initial requirement of 24,000m², to support the Group's growth
  • Support in setting up several new activities such as D2C, bagging...
  • Deployment of several innovations: Drone inventory, picking glasses, dock management tool...
  • CSR approach, including the use of exoskeletons and a GTB system





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