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The home furnishings sector is characterized by a wide range of product types, from small decorative items to the most bulky products.

The development of omnichannel retailing and the multiplication of distribution methods are raising new challenges for the sector: customer experience, flexibility and responsiveness in flow management, environmental issues.... At LOG'S, we offer global, tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.


The challenges of home logistics

For both traditional retail players and online stores, one of the major challenges lies in the agility of supply chains. Indeed, immediate product availability and shorter delivery times are essential to guarantee a successful customer experience.


The diversity of product types and seasonality calls for great agility in warehouse design and organization, to absorb peaks in activity as effectively as possible.

It is therefore essential to be able to rely on a partner who can offer flexibility in terms of floor space and resources to meet fluctuations in activity, as well as the ability to manage all types of product.


The diversity of products, and in particular the management of bulky and very bulky products, also implies challenges linked to the mechanization of processes and to the arduousness of work. Relying on the innovative capacity of an experienced service provider can make all the difference in improving process efficiency and employee working conditions.

Reverse logistics

With a high return rate, reverse logistics represents a major challenge for the home furnishings sector. At LOG'S, we can manage the entire returns procedure. Our high-performance technological tools and trained teams ensure flawless responsiveness for all returns from your various distribution channels, whatever the season or product category.

Why choose LOG'S
as a service provider

When you outsource your logistics to LOG'S, we are committed to providing you with a solution specifically tailored to your business model, your activity and your brand.

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Our strengths

At LOG'S, we havea long-standing expertise in home furnishings logistics. Our employees are trained in the entire logistics chain (quality control, reception, storage, preparation, dispatch and transport), enabling us to meet the supply chain challenges of retail and e-commerce chains, in France and abroad, thanks to our dedicated or shared warehouses.

We are committed to constant technological and environmental innovation. Our dedicated Innovation Department sizes technological tools to meet your supply and distribution needs as closely as possible, as part ofa global CSR approach. It keeps a constant watch on the latest developments, with the aim of offering you ever more sustainable and responsible solutions. (Product retrofitting and second life, reusable packaging, 3D packaging...)

Our solutions:

  • customized solutions for each customer, adapted to the seasonality of the business (weekend peaks, Black Friday, sales, private sales, etc.).
  • flexibility to respond to changing flows, adaptability of floor space and human resources...
  • High-performance IT solutions to plug into all our customers' sales channels
  • expertise on all types of products, from small items to very bulky items
  • Value-added services :
    • Quality control (simple or advanced such as furniture assembly)
    • Specific packaging operations
    • Order customization
    • Returns management (product reception, inspection, repackaging, restocking)
    • Managing non-merchandise items
    • Bringing products up to standard (repairs, reconditioning, etc.)
    • Sorting and post-carrier delivery
    • A turnkey solution for managing your transport activity: customized delivery services, optimized transport costs

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