With an increasing number of unforeseen events linked to health and geopolitical contexts, the Supply Chain challenges facing companies, already numerous, have exploded. As a result, the market for logistics service providers has grown considerably. This is the case for LOG'S, which has developed a wide range of services to meet your development and flow optimization challenges.

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The role of the service provider


Logistics service providers, also known as 3PLs (third-party logistics) or 4PLs (fourth-party logistics), are responsible for storing and/or routing products from a supplier to its customers. Whether in France or abroad, logistics service providers operate in various links of the supply chain:

  • Managing upstream and downstream flows
  • warehouse and storage management
  • order picking
  • added-value services (quality control, customized orders, packaging, etc.).
  • product distribution and delivery
  • returns management and second-life products (reverse logistics)


Why choose LOG'S
as a service provider

At LOG'S, we operate 1.2 million m2 of warehousing space at a total of 43 sites throughout France, in the heart of new areas of influence. Our aim is to offer our customers flexible inventory management , optimized processes and storage costs, and better stock optimization through the pooling of resources.

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The virtues of logistics outsourcing at Log'S

When you outsource your logistics to LOG'S, you benefit from a number of advantages.

Our logistics expertise

As an expert in logistics, LOG'S can help you focus on your core business. If you're in charge of your company's development, we'll take care of efficient logistics, offering you global expertise and services tailored to your business. Being a logistics provider isn't something you can improvise, and neither is your business.

Our employees are trained across the entire chain (reception, quality control, storage, preparation, delivery), enabling us to meet the supply chain challenges of chains of all sizes, in France and abroad, thanks to our dedicated warehouses, whether single or multi-customer.

Reduce your logistics costs and simplify your budget management

Your company's activity is not always linear, and you need flexibility in your inventory management. At LOG'S, we can offer you pricing and a solution tailored to the evolution of your business. Our solutions take into account your needs in terms of processes, IT, real estate, transport and innovation. With LOG'S as your logistics partner, the balance sheet dedicated to the supply chain becomes an invoice for logistics services. Thanks to outsourcing, the value of your company will be clearer in the eyes of your partners and employees.

Benefit from state-of-the-art technology

When you choose to outsource your logistics to LOG'S, we are committed to providing you with the latest cutting-edge technological tools to optimize your processes and flow management. Whether it's IT, automation, buildings, transport optimization or staff training, we keep a constant watch on our sector and have the capacity to invest and innovate to meet the logistics challenges of today and tomorrow.

Genuine collaboration and pooling of resources

As a company specialized in the logistics sector, LOG'S will be able to respond to your various needs and challenges. But outsourcing doesn't mean losing control of your logistics. On the contrary, at LOG'S we want to put our experience to work for you. From stock optimization, automation and mechanization of order preparation and/or product delivery, to the development of innovative IT tools, recruitment and training of staff, and compliance with regulations, we are committed to delivering results that meet your expectations.

Complementary expertise

For more than 20 years, we have been developing complementary expertise alongside our logistics business, to be able to offer you global Supply Chain solutions:

Managing your transport

We offer you complete transport/distribution management support, from upstream to downstream of delivery, for all sectors (BtoC / BtoB / BtoRetail) and all distribution channels. From your warehouse or production site, in France and abroad, LOG'S can help you manage your distribution flows.

Logistics real estate

Our extensive network enables us to offer you geographically relevant solutions tailored to your business. We are also in a position to build your customized real estate project: study, site search, construction and development, assistance with acquisition or rental, co-investment...

The customer is our main concern. Our strengths: flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness

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