Optimizing your transport management is key. The key to a successful customer journey, from packing to delivery. And the key to performance (cost-quality-delay-environment) for your supply chain. From the factory to the final consignee, adopt a strategy and services tailored to your objectives and challenges.

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Why outsource your transport management

As in the case of logistics, we are convinced that it makes sense for a company to outsource its transport management:

  • Increasingly globalized flows, with destinations that are sometimes unfamiliar, complicate your logistics.
  • The need to use an ever-growing number of carriers to cover all its distribution needs, in France and abroad.
  • Complex management of these service providers, due to their sheer number and the differences between them (billing methods, areas served, specific services, etc.).
  • Lack of transparency in monitoring tools, making it difficult to generate business intelligence
  • The emergence of new consumer expectations (ultra-fast delivery, click and collect, personalization, packaging, environmental sobriety, etc.), which are sometimes difficult to understand or synthesize.
  • All in all, the absence of a real transport/distribution strategy that generates added value for your logistics and your company.

Transport management
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Discover our transport and distribution management solutions, designed to enhance your logistics performance.

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Our strengths in transport management

At LOG'S, we do more than transport your goods from point A to point B.

Because we know the transport ecosystem, the needs of shippers and consignees, the logistical specifics of the products to be transported and the geographical areas to be served, we can offer you transport strategies and solutions perfectly adapted to your needs, and to the expectations of your end consignees.

Omnichannel is our business, and we do it all over the world.

Our areas of expertise in transport management

Whatever the products to be transported and their specific features, count on us to deliver and implement the most efficient transport strategy possible.

What we offer: complete transport/distribution management support, from upstream to downstream delivery, for all business sectors (BtoC / BtoB / BtoRetail), all distribution channels, and in over 137 countries, in Europe and worldwide. From your warehouse or production site, in France and abroad, LOG'S helps you manage your distribution flows.

All our transport piloting services

In the service of performance and innovation for your supply chain, our transport management experts support companies, in France and abroad, through a range of specialized services:

  • Definition of the transmission/distribution management strategy to be implemented
  • Operational deployment of the solution and daily monitoring
  • Hazard management and corrective action
  • Managing disputes with carriers
  • Reporting
  • Continuous optimization of the strategy to be implemented

Gain in performance, efficiency and simplicity

Our business is also (and above all) about simplifying our customers' lives, and saving them time and energy:

  • by constituting an autonomous, agile interface between them and all the many parties involved in the distribution and transportation of their products (logisticians, carriers, consignees, principals, etc.).
  • by providing them with a single point of contact
  • by taking charge of every aspect of product delivery (from packing to final delivery)
  • giving them a clear, concise and well-argued vision of the improvements to be made

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