Sustainable development

Reconciling logistics and sustainable development: a commitment at LOG'S

Our vision

Making a lasting, positive impact on society, local communities and people. This is what has driven LOG'S for many years. Right from the company's inception, we have sought to integrate concrete, promising initiatives into our projects.

Our strategy is based on
on various
commitments :


  • the implementation of a co-construction approach with all stakeholders in our projects
  • a dedicated innovation department, constantly on the lookout for sustainable logistics and transport solutions 
  • training and the long-term support of men
  • the development of expertise in logistics real estatein consultation with all players in the ecosystem
  • the implementation of modal shift with the use of alternative and eco-responsible modes of transport (river, velo cargo, rail, electric fleet)
  • preserving biodiversity
  • the compliance with regulatory obligations in terms of sustainable development

Our approach

Among all the themes that make up the notion of sustainable development, many have become a natural part of our DNA as we have developed.

Generate local momentum &.
revitalizing regions through


Our development strategy is based in particular on the rehabilitation and use of former industrial sites such as brownfield sites. This approach aims to provide local impetus to revitalize areas and become part of a global ecosystem.

  • Rehabilitating & using brownfield sites for our facilities. This is part of the DNA of LOG'S, whose first historic site was created by rehabilitating a brownfield site (Norzinco) in Anzin in 2002.
  • Creating economic centers of interest (campuses, hubs)
  • Developing synergies with local authorities, institutions and businesses (e.g. sharing energy with neighboring companies)
  • Development of high value-added indirect jobs through innovation and new technologies
  • Setting up SMEs in the region
  • Participation in the development of transport and commercial infrastructures...

Working for a
logistics and
greener transport


At LOG'S, we take great care to our warehouses with the latest innovations in sustainable development: Biodiversity Biodiversity; LEDs and energy savings; rainwater management and catchment fields; installation of photovoltaic panels; noise reduction... All these ecological solutions, which have become essential for reducing the impact of logistics activities, are integrated into our approach.

In the same way, on the question of transport, and more specifically modal shift, LOG'S is committed alongside regional entrepreneurs to the Seine Nord Europe Canal, and over 15 years ago created a dedicated branch to ensure the operability of multimodal, less energy-consuming logistics.

LOG'S can organize alternative transport and manage container flows. Its multimodal logistics platforms with river and rail connections make LOG'S the new sustainable partner for multimodal transport and logistics organizations.

Working together for tomorrow's sustainable development

Finally, to go further, LOG'S relies on two major levers: innovation and collaboration, convinced that a shared vision and experience will enable it to offer greener solutions, serve its customers and ensure the safety and well-being of its employees, so that CSR is no longer a subject but a fact.

Building and challenging yourself
around development

Because CSR challenges belong to all of us, LOG'S has also mobilized all its teams around a dedicated challenge, with the aim of bringing out new best practices, developing synergies across its sites and carrying out high-impact actions for its customers & employees.