At LOG'S, we deploy IT solutions for our customers on a daily basis. We have an integrated IT department to ensure the implementation and success of your projects.

IT solutions
adapted to the specific needs of
our customers.

Our IT department is made up of a team dedicated to infrastructure and network, as well as a project and BI team in charge of implementing and continuously improving solutions, and guarantees you :

  • Real-time information feedback
  • The security of your data
  • The use of on-board technologies at every logistical stage (from reception to dispatch)
  • A disaster recovery plan
  • Maintenance service (supervised 24/7)
  • A green data center
  • Compliance with specific standards
  • Interconnection of different systems (WMS, OMS, TMS)

IT tools at work
at the heart of supply chain performance

The choice of IT systems has become central to the performance of your supply chain strategy.

Implementing a high-performance solution tailored to your business enables you to :

  • Optimizing your inbound and outbound flows
  • Meeting deadlines and making order preparation more reliable
  • Optimization of all processes (receiving, stock management, preparation, inventories, returns management, etc.).
  • Control your logistics and transport costs
  • Mastering regulatory and quality requirements
  • Complete traceability of your goods
  • Real-time control of your business

Together, we can build a strategy to meet your challenges.

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