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Automotive logistics


The automotive logistics sector is specific and requires an experienced service provider and trained staff. For industrial logistics, as for distribution logistics, the challenges are numerous. At LOG'S, we have been developing expertise in the automotive sector since 2003, so that we can best meet your needs and work with you to build integrated, customized logistics solutions.

The automotive industry is undergoing profound change. With the development of hybrid and electric vehicles, the second-hand market and shortages of certain materials, particularly electronic ones, companies (manufacturers, suppliers, etc.) are faced with a number of challenges.

Industry-specific issues


Responsive and efficient procurement

Relying on a partner who knows and masters the constraints of industrial logistics is essential in order to benefit from a quality service, never interrupt the production chain, and ensure compliance with all the regulations inherent to industry. This requires compliance with very precise processes, as well as constant adaptation between push and pull flows.

Compliance with industrial requirements

These include traceability and regulatory requirements, with high-performance logistics and IT solutions. It also concerns the safety of goods and people, and the improvement of working conditions, by helping employees to handle bulky and heavy products such as tires or rims .

Ecological issues and reverse logistics

Environmental issues now play a major role in the industrial sector: generating as little waste as possible, recycling, giving a second life to products such as tires or batteries... these are just some of the challenges to be met as you transform your supply chain.

Challenges specific to retail



The diversity of product types and seasonality demands a certain agility in order to absorb peaks in activity as effectively as possible. It is therefore essential to be able to rely on a partner who can guarantee flexibility in terms of floor space and resources adapted to fluctuations in activity.


In the automotive sector, traceability and regulatory requirements are numerous. At LOG'S, we deploy high-performance IT solutions for complete product and batch traceability.


Efficient management of flows and peaks in activity is needed to optimally supply dealer and retailer networks with spare parts and vehicles, to guarantee optimum service to the end customer.

Why choose LOG'S
as a service provider

When you outsource your logistics to LOG'S, we are committed to offering you a tailor-made solution adapted to your activity and your company.

At LOG'S, we have long-standing expertise in automotive logistics, with teams dedicated to and trained in this sector. We establish a genuine partnership with each and every one of our customers, in order to guarantee you a top-quality service.

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Our solutions for the automotive industry

Our mission? To optimize, secure, simplify and accelerate the supply of your factories. To achieve this, LOG'S positions itself as an integral part of the industrial supply chain of its automotive customers.

LOG'S also supports its industrial customers in the development of the circular economy: in particular, with a tire reconditioning activity to give them a second life.

  • Business start-up or takeover and operation of in situ or ex situ workshops
  • Management of PIFs (supplier industrial parks) and MAFs (supplier advanced warehouses)
  • Synchronous factory supply and just-in-time delivery at the line edge
  • Lean management approach (Kanban, 5S tools, etc.) to manage traceability and optimize flows; Implementation of appropriate KPIs.
  • Quality control (on receipt, by piece via a defect library, etc.)
  • Module assembly and pre-assembly operations using controlled industrial processes
  • Suitable handling equipment (gantry cranes, hoists, spurs)
  • Component warehousing and order picking Kitting
  • Custom finishing activities
  • Product rework services

Our solutions dedicated to automotive distribution

Our mission? To provide you with efficient omnichannel logistics and guarantee that your customer promise is kept. 

  • Warehousing, order picking for stores and web orders
  • Real-time storage and distribution of your spare parts for the various specialist networks
  • Hazardous materials management
  • Quality control (simple or advanced) 
  • After-sales service management
  • Reverse logistics 
  • IT solutions for inventory traceability and transparency
  • Tailor-made transport solutions for your products (management of transport plans for retail networks to ensure customer satisfaction, both in-store and in service workshops).

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