Reorganization of a carmaker's workflows


Car manufacturer


Industrial logistics


Since 2019

Find out how LOG'S supports its car manufacturer customer in the launch of a new vehicle.


Customer issues

  • Support in the global strategy of reorganizing flows (transition between the end of production of a vehicle and the start-up of a new one => multiplication of parts).
  • Parameterization and IT support to manage automotive flows
  • Located close to the factory for synchronized part flow management


LOG'S Solutions and Customer Benefits

  • 1 single storage site in a building adapted to the automotive activity
  • Synchronous reception, storage and delivery of parts from Tier 1 suppliers - Bulk and rack storage
  • Part multiplication management
  • Recondition substitute UMs
  • Empty packaging depollution
  • Parameterization and IT support: Implementation of a new WMS


  • Fleet flow management (drivers, trucks, transport between plant and warehouse, etc.)
  • Log'S manages the entire supply chain, allowing the plant to concentrate solely on production.
  • Adaptability and responsiveness to variations in production: human resources management to cope with increased activity
  • Personnel suited to industrial logistics: good knowledge of automotive processes (Kanban, 5S, Galia labels, etc.)



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