A structured approach to tomorrow's Supply Chain.

Our approach

Development means innovation. Because we support our customers' growth by managing the logistics of their production, we have a duty to offer them the best equipment, digital tools and IT solutions to give them the means to grow and support their employees in the deployment of their skills.

Innovation at LOG'S is the result of three key objectives: To serve our customers, to differentiate ourselves and to be committed.

Innovation at LOG'S is a responsible and collaborative approach to improving the living and working conditions of each and every one of us. Through the men and women who make up our teams, our partners and our customers, we rely on collective intelligence to serve sustainable innovation.


To achieve this, we are developing a shared co-innovation approach with :

Our customers 

Our customers are an integral part of our R&D. Every day, they push us to remain proactive, to challenge ourselves in order to anticipate their needs and offer them the innovative, high-performance logistics solutions of tomorrow. From overhauling processes to developing disruptive solutions, we support them in their drive for operational excellence, towards differentiating logistics that are ever more efficient and in line with their strategy.

Our staff

Our co-innovation approach is structured through a department in its own right, with a dedicated team and resources whose objectives are to anticipate and adapt to the supply chain challenges of tomorrow. Our Innovation department is constantly on the lookout to offer innovative solutions to our customers and improve the well-being of our employees.

Our partners

Throughout the supply chain, in the warehouse, but also in transport and especially last-mile logistics, LOG'S surrounds itself with experts to move forward, and supports its customers in a committed and continuous innovation approach. These include CEA TECH for the development of the Digital Twins, Sprint Project for open innovation, and innovative market start-ups and integrators such as Alki, for new technologies such as robotization and AI.

Because we see every partnership as an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, we work with you to design smarter logistics schemes that are better adapted to your objectives, your constraints and your customers' expectations. 

Our suppliers 

We are committed to uniting our suppliers around this approach, working together to develop new products and services that can be adapted to the supply chain.

A commitment to innovation

Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of our approach and that of our customers. That's why the human factor and the environment are the driving forces behind the development of our innovation department. These two essential issues, broken down into different themes, are the subject of joint research, audits and development to achieve concrete, everyday innovations:

Well-being at work: 

  • Building and equipment safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Accident and MSD monitoring and prevention
  • Handling assistance
  • Overcoming recruitment difficulties and turnover in the profession


  • Eco-responsible packaging and cushioning
  • Reusable containers
  • Recycling and virtuous circuits
  • New materials
  • Low-energy technology solutions

a key to
the customer experience

Mechanization, automation, connected objects, scheduling, decision support... Innovation is finally proving to be a major lever for the productivity of companies and our customers. Being more efficient, faster, overcoming the systematic need to increase resources remains a priority if we are to continue to grow and stand out from our competitors. Throughout the supply chain, in the warehouse, but also in transport, and more particularly in last-mile logistics, LOG'S supports its customers in a committed, ongoing approach to innovation.