SITL 2024: Discover digital twins on the LOG'S stand (K077)

Digital modeling for logistics optimization: LOG'S and CEA present digital twins at the Salon International du Transport et de la Logistique, to be held from March 19 to 21 in Villepinte, France.

By combining business experience with technological expertise, LOG'S and the CEA have jointly developed an innovative new solution for the supply chain: digital twins capable of responding to the logistical problems encountered by players in the sector. More concretely, this is a modeling tool for testing scenarios and hypotheses, for more informed and rational decision-making. It enables the impact of a decision to be measured before it is even implemented, and can be adapted to the specific needs of each company, fed by data taken directly from the field.  

LOG'S and the CEA will be presenting the digital twins project at the SITL trade show, which will be focusing on the theme of Metamorphosis. This demonstration is fully in line with the show's theme, echoing the sector's transformation across its entire value chain, and calling on market players to reinvent themselves in order to anticipate the many challenges facing the logistics and transport industry, in the service of a more sustainable, more innovative Supply Chain.

Visit the LOG'S stand for a presentation of the digital twins, including an explanation of how they work, and a demonstration of how to use the tool with a virtual activity and a real-life situation. 

Following the demonstration, a question-and-answer session will provide an opportunity to explore the potential uses of digital twins for logistics operators and their customers.