Logistics real estate

With over 20 years' experience in the supply chain, we have also developed expertise in logistics real estate, covering site selection, construction, development, and support for acquisition, leasing and even co-investment.

Our real estate solutions

The right site. In the right location. And with all the facilities to meet your current and future needs: warehouse sizing, expansion possibilities, strategic location, transport accessibility, connectivity, related activities nearby... At LOG'S, we know that the choice of a logistics site should not be made lightly, and requires a combination of multiple factors to best serve your logistics performance.

For over 20 years, as part of our supply chain business, we have also developed expertise in logistics real estate: studies, site searches, construction and development, support for acquisition or leasing, co-investment... Trust the logistics real estate pros for your project, in France and abroad.

Logistics real estate in
supply performance

Logistics real estate choices have become central to the performance of your supply chain strategy. Which location? What type of building? For which types of goods? What facilities are nearby? When it comes to logistics real estate, we have questions. But we also have answers and solutions.

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Together, let's build a
strategy to match your

Your location

Close to your customers, close to your production sites, in the city center or on the outskirts... Knowing where to locate your logistics site is not always an easy task. All the more so as the number of available square meters in France decreases every year in line with demand.

At LOG'S, we've been pursuing a land investment policy for many years, which means that we have available logistics sites or building plots to set up your warehouse anywhere in France, close to strategic transport hubs.

Which warehouse or building do you need?

Producing and distributing goods, storing unsold or waste products, managing returns... Let's take a look at the functions your logistics real estate needs to fulfill. We'll show you buildings ideally located to accommodate these different activities.

At LOG'S, we also build and fit out tailor-made sites for our customers. Because you don't necessarily have the same needs as any other company.

" Before being builders and developers of logistics sites, we are supply chain professionals. Our experience and logistical acumen are reflected in our buildings.

Why choose LOG'S for your
real estate projects

In a logistics real estate market where players are struggling to differentiate themselves from one another, this is what we offer:

  • A historically logistical identity, and a keen sense of market trends.

We offer unrivalled consultancy and implementation capabilities in the choice of location, building specifications and other decisions relating to a company's logistics plans.

  • Solid local roots and a demonstrated interest in sustainable economic development.

We act as facilitators between a company and the chosen logistics location.

  • A desire to support logistics real estate projects on a global scale.

Our vocation is to act as a global project leader, integrating logistics activities with other functions (industry/services/housing).

  • Experience, anticipation and the ability to innovate in technological and environmental terms, with an eco-logistical and agile approach.

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