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Textile logistics


The fashion industry covers a wide range of products: clothing, accessories, footwear, lifestyle items, etc. Historically, this sector has been built on distinct distribution channels: retail, e-commerce and wholesale .

But with the development of the omnichannel (online sales, click and collect, ship from store, dropshipment...) and the multiplication of distribution solutions, the logistics challenges facing textile companies have exploded: flexibility and responsiveness in flow management, inventory control, improved customer experience, environmental issues ... At LOG'S, we offer you a tailor-made solution to meet your company's needs.

Logistics challenges

Both in France and internationally, the textile sector is undergoing profound changes. Brands and companies in the sector need to reorganize their supply chains to meet the many challenges they face.


The development of omnichannel distribution (click and collect, ship from store, dropshipment, marketplace, etc.) is leading companies in the sector to transform the way they market their products. At LOG'S, we have chosen to support our customers in this process by offering global, customized solutions, enabling them to deliver all their distribution channels thanks to cutting-edge IT, mechanization and robotics solutions.


With an increasing number of unforeseen events linked to the geopolitical and health contexts, on the one hand, and the inherent seasonality of products, on the other, it is essential that product storage, preparation and delivery processes are adapted and flexible. Increasing demand, particularly in e-commerce, means thatorders have tobe prepared as quickly as possible, while maintaining a constant level of quality.


In a sector as competitive as the textile industry, the customer experience is essential to ensure the development of your business.

Relying on an experienced logistics provider will enable you to benefit from value-added services, with particular attention paid to order preparation. Indeed, respecting your brand universe is a way of building customer loyalty and guaranteeing a quality shopping experience. To achieve this, we offer a range of personalization options, both on the product and on the packaging.

Reverse logistics

With a high return rate, reverse logistics represents a major challenge for the textile sector. At LOG'S, we can manage the entire returns procedure. Our high-performance WMS and trained teams ensure flawless responsiveness for all returns from your various distribution channels, whatever the season or product category.

Why choose LOG'S
as a service provider

By outsourcing your logistics to LOG'S, we are committed to providing you with the solution specifically dedicated to your business model, your activity, your brand.

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Our strengths


At LOG'S, we havegenuine expertise in fashion supply chain management. Our employees are trained in the entire chain (reception, quality control, storage, preparation, delivery), enabling us to meet the challenges of the supply chain for brands of all sizes, in France and abroad, thanks to our warehouses dedicated to the textile sector, with single or multiple customers.

We are committed to an ongoing constant technological and environmental innovation. We are able to dimension technological tools to meet your needs as closely as possible (bursting walls, flat-bed sorter, suspended pocket sorter, etc.), as part ofa global CSR approach . approach. Our innovation department is constantly on the lookout to offer you ever more responsible solutions. (Reusable packaging, 3D packaging, retrofitting...)

Our solutions


  • a specific, global solution for each customer, adapted to the seasonality of the business (weekend peaks, Black Friday, sales, private sales, etc.).
  • great agility in responding to stock variations: human flexibility, adaptability of warehouse space, etc.
  • a high-performance IT system to plug into all our customers' sales channels
  • expertise on all types of products: folded or hanging garments, shoes, leather goods, accessories, non-merchandise items (POS, ILV, checkout bags, etc.).
  • Value-added services :
    • Quality control of goods (simple or advanced)
    • Specific packaging operations
    • Product customization (length, embroidery, etc.) and orders (packaging, adding fragrance, etc.)
    • Returns management (product reception, inspection, repackaging, restocking)
    • Product compliance (washing, stripping, ironing, etc.)
    • Sorting and post-carrier delivery
    • A turnkey solution for managing your transport activity: customized delivery services, optimized transport costs

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