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Omnichannel logistics


Omnichannel is the new model for customer relations. Today's consumers need to be able to order a product both online and in-store, with the option of having it delivered to their home, to a relay point, to a left-luggage office or to collect it in-store, whenever they want. Omnichannel logistics must therefore be more flexible and more integrated to attract and retain consumers, and offer them an optimal shopping experience. At LOG'S, this expertise is based on a global vision that enables us to anticipate or respond to retailers' needs, and ultimately support them in their omnichannel transformation.

Logistics challenges

The retail sector is undergoing radical change, and retailers are having to reorganize their supply chains to meet the challenges they face.

Stock consolidation, optimization and availability

The unification and optimization of inventories are essential levers in an effective omnichannel distribution strategy, to ensure product availability. To achieve this, you need to be able to rely on a partner with the flexibility to adapt floor space and resources to fluctuations in your business, as well as the ability to manage all types of product.

Customer experience

Delivering on the customer promise and offering consumers a quality shopping experience (online, in-store, etc.) requires an efficient supply chain strategy. This includes efficient management of flows and peaks in activity linked to seasonal or commercial operations, as well as the value-added services offered by your logistics provider: personalization, returns management, end-of-season product management, product second life, etc.

Flow control

High-performance IT solutions are also essential to ensure optimal management of information flows, and to provide a real-time overview of your stocks (order forecasts, traceability and transparency of stocks, order management) across the various sales channels (web, social networks, private sales, marketplaces, etc.) and distribution channels. At LOG'S, we offer high-performance WMS solutions for efficient management of all your sales channels.

Why choose LOG'S as your
omnichannel logistics?

By entrusting LOG'S with the management of your omnichannel logistics, we are committed to offering you tailor-made solutions adapted to your business and your company, so that you can offer your customers a unique shopping experience and quality services.


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Our strengths

With nearly 137 countries served and thousands of stores delivered from France every week, we havegenuine expertise in the retail sector, enabling us to effectively support our customers in their transition. To this end, we have developed logistics solutions that enable us to :

  • Manage your inventory in real time
  • Guarantee the traceability and transparency of your inventory
  • Manage your seasonal peaks
  • Get your products on their way with our customized transport solutions

We have high-performance IT solutions capable of integrating voice picking, on-board computing and EDI interfacing. Our aim: to enable you to manage all the channels through which your products are distributed to your customers.

We can offer you dedicated or shared warehouses, adapted to all types of products: bulky goods, textiles, lifestyle, furnishings, automotive parts and tires, etc.).

Our solutions

Finally, we have developed a number of value-added services tailored to each type of product:

  • Quality control (simple or advanced)
  • Preparation of special orders (picking, co-packing), contract work (boxing, overwrapping, assembly, etc.), etc.
  • Customize products and orders
  • Specific packaging operations
  • Returns management
  • Product compliance
  • Sorting and post-carrier delivery

By choosing LOG'S to help you manage your omnichannel logistics, you'll benefit frompersonalized support for all your projects.

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