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Industrial logistics


Industrial logistics encompasses all production infrastructures: inbound logistics warehouses dedicated to storing raw materials and products needed for production, intermediate warehouses and downstream logistics warehouses where finished products are stored before delivery to the customer.

Industrial logistics covers a wide range of specificities and constraints:

    • market constraints: fluctuating demand, cost of raw materials, handling of returns, etc.
    • technical constraints: size of storage infrastructures, limited resource capacities, etc.
    • regulatory constraints: management of raw materials and finished products, waste treatment and recycling, pollution control, compliance with standards, etc.

In order to offer efficient solutions to customers, logistics service providers need to adapt continuously, striving for optimization and performance throughout their scope of action. Outsourcing all or part of your industrial logistics implies choosing a partner with a good knowledge of your business sector and its challenges.


The challenges of industrial logistics

Mastering your supply chain

Mastering specific industry-related operations is essential. This means first and foremost complying with very precise specifications (processing times, quality of operations, quantity of products handled, product control, etc.), as well as mastering new flow management methods, based on demand rather than forecasts.

At LOG'S, we offer you global flow management solutions (upstream/downstream) customized to your needs.

Meet industry-specific requirements

The requirements of industrial logistics are numerous. These include: proposing high-performance IT solutions that guarantee compliance with traceability and regulations; ensuring the safety of goods and people in line with industrial requirements; managing your clocked flows, SLED, DLUO, FIFO, ASN, serial number management, etc.

Supporting your flows

To support your flows efficiently, adaptability and flexibility of floor space and resources are essential (2×8, 3×8 organization, etc.). Innovation is also essential, with the ability to implement mechanization, robotization and automation systems to guarantee volume processing.

Why choose LOG'S as your
logistics provider

When you outsource your logistics to LOG'S, we are committed to offering you tailor-made solutions adapted to your activities and your company. LOG'S positions itself as an integral part of the industrial supply chain, offering you optimal organization of the logistics chain.

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Our strengths


We have genuine expertise in industrial logistics, with specialized teams for each sector of activity. We are committed to training our staff to ensure they have the skills they need to respond appropriately to new industry standards.

We position ourselves as an integral part of the supply chain, adapting our resources and services to meet our customers' needs. In the industrial sector, quality, safety and performance requirements are manifold. That's why we're committed to implementing an agile approach that enables us to constantly adapt to your challenges, and why we have the necessary certifications for the industrial sector: HACCP and Certipaq Bio / ICPE / ISO.

Our solutions


Transforming, optimizing and securing the supply chains of our customers' factories is at the heart of our concerns. Our industrial logistics solutions are tailored to each customer' s specific needs, and are based on a number of pillars:

  • creation or takeover and operation of advanced in situ or ex situ workshops, in industry-specific environments
  • the implementation of handling solutions specific to each activity
  • training of specialized personnel
  • optimal management and control of flows and orders
  • IT interfacing for flow management and organization
  • locating warehouses close to plants to optimize production tools as much as possible
  • storage and packaging of finished products and raw materials
  • product shipment and distribution (transport)

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