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E-commerce logistics 

LOG'S has a wealth of expertise expertise in supporting e-tailers, with dedicated logistics warehouses throughout France, and over 50 million orders processed every year.

This expertise enables us to respond to the different types of e-commerce logistics:

  • Leading sites by offering a solid organization and operational excellence to support the historical leaders in their development: investment, innovation, load planning, co-communication, etc.
  • DNVBs (Digitally Natives Vertical Brands) by pooling production tools to support and accelerate their market presence with reliable, expert logistics.
  • B2B players wishing to offer their customers an online shopping experience
  • Industry leaders eager to address end-customers
  • Brands willing to implement a fast and sustainable D2C offer


Sector challenges

The sector is undergoing profound changes, and the e-commerce supply chain raises numerous IT, organizational, sociological and ecological challenges...


Today, the e-commerce sector must be able to deliver to all distribution channels, from all sales sources (website, client -CMS, OMS, Marketplaces, etc.). Unification and optimization of inventories, high-performance IT systems to plug into all your sales channelsare all essential levers for developing your business and satisfying your customers.


The profound changes taking place in the business mean that you need to be reactive and have real-time stock visibility. The seasonal nature of your business also calls for flexibility and adaptability in terms of floor space, human resources and equipment. To achieve this, you need to choosea logistics partner capable of handling different types of flow with the same quality of service.


In such a competitive sector, the customer experience is essential to ensure business growth. Relying on an experienced logistics partner able to offer value-added services tailored to your business can help you stand out from the crowd: customization of products and orders, specific packaging operations, returns management... LOG'S, thanks to its long-standing expertise in e-commerce, guarantees your customers an optimal shopping experience.


Finally, the management of transport, its optimization, pooling and environmental impact complete the transformation process initiated by omnichannelity, whatever the type of flow (bulky, sensitive, hazardous, etc.).

At LOG'S, we offer you comprehensive transport/distribution management support, from upstream to downstream delivery, for all sectors (BtoC / BtoB / BtoRetail) and all distribution channels.
In order to best meet the challenges of the sector, logistics providers need to be agile and have the capacity to offer innovative solutions, all-in-one combining logistics and flow management.

Why choose LOG'S as your
logistics provider

At LOG'S, we operate 1.2 million m2 of warehousing space on a total of 43 platforms spread across France, at the heart of new areas of influence.

Our aim? To keep you focused on your core business. You take care of developing your business, we take care of ensuring an efficient supply chain. You can't improvise a logistics service provider, just like you can't improvise your own.

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Our strengths

When you outsource your e-commerce logistics to LOG'S, we are committed to offering you a tailor-made solution for your business and your companyin France and abroad.

  • Historical expertise in e-commerce 
  • Dedicated or shared logistics warehouses
  • A unified inventory and the ability to adopt different strategies depending on sales sources
  • Reduce your costs: flexibility and rates adapted to the evolution of your business
  • A capacity toseasonality support (Black Friday, sales, private sales, etc.).
  • A mastery of e-commerce technologies and innovations
  • Agility and and attractive implementation of logistics solutions
  • A versatility of our teamsOur teams are trained to carry out a wide range of tasks, from goods receipt to product quality control.
  • A constant search for clean, responsible solutions in the implementation of your projects (shipping, delivery, packaging, parcels, etc.).

Our solutions

We have developed numerous value-added services, adapted to each type of product :

  • Quality control (simple or advanced)
  • Storage adapted to all types of products
  • Preparation of specific orders (picking, co-packing), contract work (boxing, folding, assembly, etc.), etc. 
  • Product and packaging personalization (parcel packaging, etc.) 
  • Specific packaging operations
  • Returns management 
  • Product compliance
  • Sorting, dispatch and post-carriage

Case studies

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LOG'S shows you in detail how we help our customers optimize their supply chain, and how our services can be adapted to any situation.

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