Entrepreneurship at LOG'S

In our corporate structure, our commitment to our customers, and the values of our employees, we have entrepreneurship written all over us.

Our entrepreneurial spirit, serving your Supply Chain performance

As a specialist in logistics outsourcing, we see the supply chain as a constantly evolving field, where new opportunities can - and must - be seized every day. Every day, we give ourselves the means to undertake, to rethink our customers' logistics schemes, and make them ever more efficient.

100% dedicated innovation resources

Under the influence of digital technology and new customer demands, the changes shaking up the supply chain are a daily occurrence. Data, process robotization, the Internet of Things, new consumption and delivery patterns, end customers seeking ever greater transparency...

To stay up to date and ahead of these developments, we have dedicated 100% of our resources to innovation, to invent and reinvent the means of your performance every day. Supply Chain.

Rethink your logistics plans

For even greater performance, we help you to rethink your logistics systems, and put them - truly - at the service of your success. 

In our strategies, in the management of your logistics flows, in the maintenance and improvement of tools and sites, we make it a point of honor to offer you solutions that will enable you to make the difference in your sector, and give you a decisive competitive edge.

" Every company must treat its supply chain as a strategic factor of profitability and added value".

Committed to your

Entrepreneurship also means making a long-term commitment to our customers, and investing ourselves fully, in every sense of the word: 

  • In our advice, our engineering, our expertise
  • Taking into account your challenges and constraints
  • In the investments we make on behalf of our customers to secure their projects and increase their capacities
  • In taking over staff at existing sites, promoting continuity and staff retention
  • In the creation of joint ventures to support logistics activities, in a spirit of mutual solidarity
  • In carrying out your logistics real estate projects

A company of scale
international, which retains
its agility

Entrepreneurial spirit, close to you

In France, we have over 40 logistics sites, each of which retains its status as an independent SME. Close to your production and/or strategic sites, or to your catchment area, you have a dedicated contact person at each of our sites, capable - in the legal sense of the term - of taking swift action in the interests of your supply chain strategy. 

Since LOG'S was founded in 2002, we have always been committed to maintaining the independence of our SMEs. Always guided by our customers' needs, our development strategy has focused on sites with high added value, due to their geographical location, size, or potential in terms of development or hosting related activities. 


The agility of an SME, the strength of a large group 

Brought together under a single brand, with a shared sense of entrepreneurship, innovation and customer service, our SMEs put our values into practice every day, and with agility."

Working as a group of SMEs under a single brand name, LOG'S, we combine agility with all the guarantees our customers need: a capacity for investment and innovation, deployment of resources on the scale of all your projects, not to mention financial guarantees. 

" Men and women at the service of logistics performance and innovation".

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