LOG'S supports Sud Express on its textile campus in Louvres (95)

SUD EXPRESS, a family business specializing in women's fashion, entrusts LOG'S with the management of all its omnichannel logistics at its textile campus in Louvres (95).

Founded in 1977 by Patrick Bellaiche and still family-owned, SUD EXPRESS continues to expand in the women's ready-to-wear market, with an affordable premium positioning. With 150 stores and corners, and a fast-growing e-commerce business, the brand had a record year in 2022, with profitability setting a benchmark in the sector.

With in-house logistics until 2020, SUD EXPRESS decided to rely on an expert in textile logistics and entrusted the management of all its flows to LOG'S, which took over and integrated all the brand's logistics staff, i.e. 17 employees. LOG'S is responsible for all logistics activities: retail, e-commerce, wholesale, dropshipment, reverse logistics and transport.


By locating its business on the shared textile campus in Louvres, the brand is able to cope with the growth of its activity, particularly in e-commerce, but also to optimize the management of peaks in activity, and to share resources and costs with other leading brands in the fashion sector.

The organization set up on the campus is based on a high level of responsiveness and flexibility, as well as close collaboration between LOG'S and SUD EXPRESS teams. The effectiveness of the partnership also relies on the integrated logistics teams' excellent knowledge of the brand's business model.

"In particular, our collaboration with LOG'S has enabled us to consolidate our 24-hour service rate to 98% for store and WEB deliveries, which fully meets our needs."

Thierry letrilliart - Operations Manager