Sonepar's HVAC network consolidates its supply chain in partnership with LOG'S

Sonepar's HVAC specialist network [CD SUD, 3C CLIM, HYDECLIM] consolidates its supply chain in partnership with LOG'S for optimized national coverage. 

As part of a strategic move to strengthen their presence and logistical efficiency throughout France, CD SUD, 3C CLIM and HYDECLIM, specialist HVAC subsidiaries of the Sonepar group, today announced a three-year partnership with LOG'S, a specialist in logistics services for the e-commerce, omnichannel and industrial sectors. This partnership promises to optimize distribution and speed of service, essential to meeting the growing expectations of their customers, professional HVAC specialists in the residential and commercial markets. It includes the management of a wide range of product types, from very small products (heating and air-conditioning accessories) to bulky products (VRVs and chillers).

With this new partnership, Sonepar's subsidiaries benefit from LOG'S expertise via a 24,000m² platform located in Réau (77), while enjoying flexibility in the progressive support of floor space and teams. This initiative complements their existing infrastructure operated in the south of France, on an 18,000m2 platform in St Martin de Crau (13), and underlines the companies' commitment to providing optimum customer service through a network of over 60 branches in mainland France.


Olivier Khaida, Managing Director of Specialist Distribution at Sonepar, and Mélanie Vola, Managing Director of the HVAC specialist divisioncommented on the partnership: " Our collaboration with LOG'S represents a crucial step in extending our national coverage and improving our logistics offering. This synergy not only enables us to increase our logistics capacity and optimize the availability of our products, but also to enhance our delivery offer to meet the precise needs of all our customers, by offering standard delivery within 48 hours and giving access to express and customized delivery services.. "


This strategic partnership with LOG'S will enable the specialist network to further fine-tune its inventory management and order preparation, guaranteeing seamless adaptation to the specific requirements of its customers. Damien Modarelli, Supply Chain Director for Génie Climatiqueadds: " LOG'S will be able to support our development and also contribute to our logistics expertise. In a sector driven by digitalization and the need for omnichannelity, we need ever greater mastery of our processes and execution. Our customers' experience is at the heart of our supply chain concerns.. "


" We are proud to support the national development of CD SUD, 3C CLIM, HYDECLIM, and to put our expertise in omnichannel logistics at their service at our Réau site, in order to offer optimum quality of service to their customers throughout France. "adds Franck Grimonprez, President and Founder of LOG'S.