AMBITION 2022: Giving meaning to our history

Interview with Franck Grimonprez

"2017 is an important year because it's the year we wrote the Ambition 2022 project and our objectives, where we projected ourselves over five full financial years with a target of 200 million euros.

We decided and carefully thought through what we wanted to become over the next few years. We have already achieved our 2018 target of 100 million euros in sales, ahead of schedule, with sales of 125 million euros for the year.

However, we are committed to working in line with our values, in our own sectors of activity, while remaining open to all opportunities. We're not in the race for numbers.

In order for our teams to keep pace with this ambitious development, we all need to be in a position to grow: to train, to hire stronger than we are, and sometimes to know how to redirect career paths within the company.

Within the Management Committee, we have defined everyone's role, and defined a mission for each member, with a view to implementing these roles operationally in 2019. Based on the simplest possible organization, we aim to remain flexible and agile.

New functions were created, such as Director of Sustainability and Performance. Anne-Bénédicte Hodent has joined us to assess the listening skills, listening time and best practices of our managers. Her assignment will involve members of the Executive Committee, support teams and then all site managers. The aim is to lay the foundations for Log'S' long-term development.

We have also created the position of Director of External Growth. This position is held by Thierry Mechelen, reporting to François Faviez, our General Secretary. It's a cross-functional role that aims to support and integrate new companies into the SME group.

"To bring this project to fruition, we all need to put ourselves in a position to grow."

Ambition 2022 will not be achieved without people, but also without real estate resources. One of our strengths lies in our ability to support our customers' supply chains and respond to the consumer experience with our own resources in IT, real estate, fixtures and fittings, innovation and transport management. Our project is backed by an investment capacity of 250 million euros, concluded with seven banks in 2017.

Always respecting our trademark values of listening, responsiveness and availability, we are armed to move forward serenely, simply and sincerely, and to grow together.