Jonak trusts LOG'S to support its growth

JONAK, a family business specializing in footwear since 1964, relies on LOG'S to support its development. LOG'S manages its omnichannel logistics at its site in Louvres (95).

Taken over by the founder's grandchildren in 2012, Lisa and Marcel NAKAM, the JONAK brand stands out for its strong growth in a struggling sector. With over 100 stores and corners in France and abroad, the brand has strongly developed its digital presence via its leading website and has also built up a large community on social networks. Lisa NAKAM, Associate General Manager of JONAK, has been named E-commerce Personality of the Year 2023.

To support the brand's strong growth and international ambitions, JONAK decided to entrust LOG'S with the management of its logistics, including its retail and wholesale activities in France and abroad, as well as its e-commerce and marketplaces activities, not forgetting reverse logistics. The company benefits from a semi-mechanized on-site solution that combines efficiency and flexibility.

With just under 1 million items shipped every year, JONAK's logistics business is based at one of LOG'S' textile campuses in Louvres (95), near Paris, offering long-term development prospects. This 24,000 m2 multi-client site brings together the logistics activities of long-established retail players as well as e-tailers in the fashion sector.